Pediatric craniosacral therapy

PEDIATRIC CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY is a very gentle therapy that is particularly suited to treat child pathologies in newborn babies and older children.

At times, in utero life and birth, be it natural or by C-section, can prove traumatic experiences for newborns. The babies’ most fragile and plastic membranes – particularly cervical articulations and cranial sutures – are often subjected to compressions.

CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY helps relieve tensions of the membranes, sutures and fluids of the cranio sacral system and ensures that the baby has sufficient physiological mobility to grow. The therapist can act upon the nervous system, the skull nerves that monitor suction and digestion, the immune system and, through the fascia, all the baby’s body structures.


CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY is particularly recommended for newborns whose mother have had high-risk pregnancy, difficult birth-giving, C-section, or for babies who have difficulties latching and breast-feeding, plagiocephaly (slightly asymmetrical skull shape)…

Also, some non-pathological signs may indicate that skull bones cannot move as freely as they should or that there are peripheral fascia tensions, such as : excessive crying before meals, difficulties in feeding and falling asleep, excessive agitation when there is a change in environment or a weak immune system.

CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY can also be used so as to prevent small disorders from turning into more serious ailments in the future. In countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain and the USA, resorting to a routine CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY session in the early days or months of the baby’s life is becoming increasingly common.

Older CHILDREN may benefit from CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY, particularly if they suffer from such ailments as : stiff neck, strabismus, sinusitis, headaches, constipation or diarrhea, sleep disorder, hyperactivity, scoliosis, bad occlusion, tendency to suck a finger, among other things.


During a PEDIATRIC CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY session, the child is either lying on the massage table or in one of his parents’ arms. A session lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. The therapist uses a very gentle touch, so as to «listen to» the internal movements of the child’s tissues and stimulate the child’s own balancing mechanisms. Babies and children often fall asleep during the therapy session, or sigh deeply when their tissues relax. The children often experience SOMATO EMOTIONAL RELEASE connected to emotions experienced in utero or during birth.